Tricks for decorating wedding spot


Wedding decoration is vital during the whole process of wedding. It leaves the first impression of wedding to your guests.So due attention should be paid to it so that your wedding can turn out to be more perfect.

First. Decorative style wedding destination features and to good value for money

Whether you're yearning romantic fashion brides still prefer a return to nature garden Fan Er brides, wedding location will affect the tone of the wedding, such as pure white at the Manor style is simple and elegant wedding is the perfect choice, while the wood-walled Ballroom can evoke memories of everyone in the 1820 of the 19th century.

Second. create a natural and harmonious atmosphere

Many brides will be "topic" afraid of the word, but we would like to understand it as a style show, reuse the design elements of a decorative effect is impressive. And not confined to Chinese food dishes on the Lantern, a subject can expand, free call out like a palette of different colors, natural scenes fit together as a whole. This also allows you to design an emphasis on, and would not look cluttered.

Third. make everyone look radiant

Clever use of lighting is an unexpected dramatic effect. Wedding day you can hire an electrician, he will try to highlight concerns what you want (such as on the cake table, rather than floors). Trust us, this is definitely worth it. Changes in light intensity can create an atmosphere of comfort and softness. Imagine Maggie Cheung's graceful posture under the lights.

Fourth. don't ignore the overhead ceiling

Don't want an ugly ceiling? It would cover it up. Try hanging some greenhouse plants of small white lights and hanging on, or simply with a color coordinating cloth directly on the cover. Or else you can consider renting some chandeliers to divert everyone's attention, and it can give the whole room shine.


How to pick and match wedding flowers


Flowers and elegant styling, attractive gesture, breath fragrant smell, are the best interpretation of beauty and happiness. Therefore, at a wedding, flowers were everywhere, and the first supporting character, wedding bouquet is the heart; and at outdoor weddings, flowers will become even more important. Allow the grass to become the "Garden", wanted wedding bouquet wedding on the beautiful landscape, you understand spending mind is no thoughts ~ 

How to mix  

Bouquet bride dress match there are two, when a glyph or straight tubular is dress, bouquet-shape or drop-shape form falls; if the dress style puff sleeves and waist tight, skirts larger, then the shape of the bouquet should be rounded. And, of course, note that the skirt length and size of the bouquet to the right. In addition, bouquets and bridal line with his appearance. Tall bride can choose waterfall-shaped bouquet, feel more elegant; Petite select spherical or hemispherical bouquet; if the bride's body is relatively fat, you should choose simple styling, lighter colors bouquet.

Flower choices  

Flowers are the natural products of the four seasons, selection at the wedding, seasonal factors are a primary consideration. Choice of spring flowers a lot, such as roses, peonies and gentian. Among them, the King of peony flowers beauty surpassing all flowers, can strongly show the vitality of the early spring season, and that means a long and happy, is the best material to make a bouquet. On the tones, grass more suitable for clean and elegant wedding colors, such as white, green, yellow, purple, and pink wedding theme color this year is big and pink, visually stylish and sweet, all particularly suitable for romantic ideas after the young couple.

Contingency plan for wedding


For every bride, the most terrible thing before the wedding was found accidentally ruined my wedding, or worse just when the wedding is about to begin to find a pimple on the face. Don't worry, we have a contingency approach to help you eliminate these glitches in the wedding, let your perfect lover and friend.  

Ink smudge  


The bride before the wedding possible and are unlikely to have the opportunity to come into contact with the ink, but what if it's dress were soiled by ink, the wedding is about to begin. Ink may be the most difficult stains to remove. Water or detergents cleaning might be able to get rid of ink right now, but at the same time still left some marks on the clothes. Bleach should not be used, because the bleaching agents corrosion material, the results could make matters worse. Calm down, get a clean swab, spray some Hairspray on it, then use a cotton swab to gently wipe the ink smudge can be had.Sweat and tears  

Sweat and tears will get your dress dirty. Immediately with a clean white towel in where clothes were wet, water on dry clothes. Do not use hair spray on water mark. You can use the steam iron to remove watermarks on clothes, but it must be careful not to get burned bad clothes. 

Cosmetic stain clothes  

Even if you are more careful, may also be on the wedding dress on the edge of cosmetics such as lipstick Rouge. You don't wipe or rub with your hands, that will be even worse. You can spray some soda on the stains, and then sprinkles some salt water, after the clothes to dry, if there is a stain can be erased with white chalk or talcum powder.

Make your summer wedding perfect


Summer wedding planning: you may think summer is hot, but you can orient the quiet, sea blue and Eastern Mediterranean style for your summer wedding cool Sky lift a piece.Summer wedding decorationsProgramme  3 sticks of white Calla Lily wrap in transparent glass, white pebbles on the bottom when blue, White Linen tablecloths, elegant and pleasant.Programme II  Placed in a Tin quality vanilla in the jug on the table, make the environment more fresh and natural.Programme III  Some flowers flying at various altitudes over the table of spherical vases, decorated like a summer Pavilion.Programme four  In a tin filled with colorful Gerber daisy in a vase, decorated with green grass, placed in the light box on Linen tablecloths, natural free.InvitationProgramme  Made from finest silk summer mood, make your invitations look unique and gorgeous.Programme II  Put invitations in small bottles filled with sand, as "bottle of CITIC," get into the hands of each and every guest you invited.Programme III  Painted a charming summer sunset picture on the envelope, text written in apricot or red ink and chiffon knotted decoration.Programme four  White invitations made packed in a square envelope and seal with Gerbera designs stamps.DessertProgramme  In the upper and bottom of cake decoration sugar cobblestone, orchids and bamboo, gives one the feeling of summer.Programme II  Rent an ice machine, after the dinner and dessert, let the guests taste the cool and fun shaved ice.Programme III  Put fresh strawberries in white butter cake, it will taste like a brightly colored and thick wedding cake.Programme four  Asked a waiter to provide guests with flavors of ice cream in the summer, such as lemon, watermelon flavor.

Rush to the city


In the course of urbanization, we would like to get rid of "urbanization is a rural city" mistakes. Urbanization is the basic path for achieving the balance of urban and rural. In the process, we need to  take the agricultural industry into national industry, and ensure that industry get average profit margins; the second is to get the average public social services for rural residents.

To address the two core issues, on the one hand, through industrialization we can absorb a large number of farmers, so they can get into the public, access to public services and social security of the people, reducing the number of farmers. On the other hand, peasants enjoy equal public services and social security .At the same time, guiding farmers, voluntary, paid circulation according to the law of the land. Therefore, urbanization is neither move from rural to urban, nor become industrial agriculture, but by reducing farmers and promote scale management of land to increase agricultural productivity, improving the agricultural industry profit margins; by means of rural producer organizations, changing the rural way of life, and raising the level of public services in rural areas.

Only optimized development elements in distribution between rural and urban, agricultural and industrial combinations, industry promotes agriculture, urban area, urban and rural areas .One of the new relationship between industry and agriculture, urban and rural areas  is  to achieve the maximization of economic benefit and social benefit.

tips for pick wedding shoes


When we are going to get married , it's important to find a pair of right shoes.It will make the wedding more perfect. And I'd like to share some tips with you.

     Recommendation1: comfort is most important
     When selecting shoes, ask ourselves two questions:  Wearing these shoes ,can I do graceful walk? Do these shoes make me comfortable all day? remember take some practice before the wedding.
Recommendation 2 : consider wedding style
wedding dress styles must be taken into account in the selection of wedding shoes , especially the length of the wedding. So, buy the shoes before you buy the wedding dress . You should wear Sandals when try wedding then,they know where hemlines should be cropped to.
Recommendation 3: choose the right heel heigh
It will make you suffer in the wedding if you choose to challenge yourself  by picking shoes of high heel. So, practice more before the wedding is very important! And the height is also an important factor that need to be considered.
Recommendation 5: some highlights of the difference
let your shoes stand out, with your bridesmaid dress or bouquets of color echoes.


ways to lose weight


First, take deep breath frequently

Sometimes you don't need to eat snack.It's just because you have the habit. It's high time to find a way to restrain the desire. To do a few deep breaths before eating,and  let yourself calm down completely. And then drink a cup of hot tea,to  increase satiety, and reduce the impulse . Sleep earlier at the same time, to avoid further hunger want .

Second, take records properly

You not only need  to have a detailed plan of how to lose weight, but also need a full and complete record. It is more convenient to observe  exactly how many calories and nutrients you have absorbed. Most of the time ,some quantity of food  heat is not being noticed.
Girls unconsciously eat the food with large calories and heat. So a detailed record is very important. It can help you trace the source of food that put weight on you.

Third , learn to pick the right food.

You have to know what snacks are fit to eat . Spring suits on detoxification to lose weight. So you can choose to have more food  which have detoxification effect. Fruits and vegetables is a good choice. Dinner then a yogurt fruit salad, or eat one or two fruits after  meal.It's healthy and can help  lose fat.

Four advantages in customizing engagement ring

Why is wedding ring better customized ? Many people probably  are worried about the price and quality of the customized engagement ring so they choose to buy the finished product. In order to dispel the doubts, we will tell you  four big advantage!

Quality  guaranteed

some people may hold the view that no good product comes from cheap good. In fact, it's wrong! The quality of the diamond ring is more likely to be assured if you buy the naked dimond and then process it. After inspection from athorities, it's can hardly be fake.

competitive price

Usually, the customized diamond ring can be more than half cheaper than the finished products, because there is less circulation process .So it can be cost-saving.

The ring is unique

when we buy finished products , they are usually produced in large quantity. so the style and quality is nearly the same. Couples usually pretend to buy the one that are popular.  But if you choose to customize your ring, you can hardly find a similar one. Its unique just like your love is unique.

Craving for free

Nowadays . young couples are willing to crave a love motto in the ring. If you choose to cutomize your engagement ring, the craving is usually on the house.





Finland's snow wedding, are different from the inside to the outside. New not only in the ice chapel wedding, even ice can also choose the hotel as a honeymoon bridal chamber. In the ice hotel, bed shelf piled with snow, ice sculpture carved bedside table with fresh green branches decorated with leaves little green, 10000 White people do not feel so lonely. Blanket bedstead with sleeping bags on reindeer leather or sheepskin, no curtain, new people just need to take out a cozy double sleeping bags in minus 30 degrees Celsius environment still warm as in spring. Sleeping in sheepskin wrapped firmly, looking at the beauty of the aurora, and feel like Anderson described by the Snow Queen, and enjoying unusual royal treatment in the snow and ice.






Interaction and Finns, be careful not to get too close, will be seen as impolite move.


Finland enforce strict smoking ban in public places. In addition to the bar and restaurant smoking areas, smoking in all indoor places are in violation of state law, violators will be subject to heavy penalties.




Winter travel to Finland, should be ready to warm and good clothing (including cover ear hats, gloves, scarves, etc.) as well as the good waterproof boots.


Wedding planner


First spouses, one must be a Christian to the wedding in the church.


Wedding in Finland, reindeer also joined in the fun. The most intelligent animals in the Arctic Circle, and pulled the dress a new sled, carrying a couple in the knee in the snow towards the church. Along the way, deer bell jingle joy and celebration until the time of the church door slowed down the speed, well-behaved and stopped. At this point, the church came the sound of music "wedding march" arm accompanied by music, the bride and groom entered the church. Priest standing on the ice pulpit presided over the ceremony, the couple exchanged wedding rings in ice cross, all that is sacred and solemn.


Received the crown, you're the next bride


Finland's traditional wedding, also known as the Crown wedding. The bride must be wearing a golden crown. Crown said originated in Greek mythology the earliest crown is compiled by the leaves, twigs, and flowers, and later gradual emergence of the crown made ​​of metal. Bride to wear a crown symbolized love and triumph and no longer has the virginity of young girls.


Grab the crown of the ceremony is in the dance after the ceremony. This is the climax of the wedding of Finland. The guests were surrounded by a circle and danced the traditional waltz. Bride to be blindfolded, allow unmarried women dancing around. When the bride seems to have been disoriented when the crown and veil to give the inside of a girl, the girl received the crown will be the next bride. If the hand then throw flowers in the modern wedding is to "grab" to the festivity that Finland wedding can become a second bride, relies entirely on luck.

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